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Shoes, shoes shoes!

As I approach my thirties, shoes have been something that keep popping into my mind. Are my shoes appropriate for my age? Does it show that I haven’t spent a lot of money on my shoes? Are any of them OK for job interviews? Do I need more flats?

Personally, I have a lot of cheap heels from places like Payless, Target and Burlington, and I’ve had most of them for a long time. It took me a while to come into my own, so while most girls were getting shoes and boots all along the way, I was spending my money on costumes, wigs, and toys. So, here I find myself an adult with a lot of bad shoes.

At least recently I have acquired some lovely Bass saddle shoes, but I can’t wear them with everything (can I?). And, they were $105.00 per pair! Ouch! Or maybe not? I’m used to paying $20.00 for shoes. Is it time to make the financial jump into getting myself a nice collection of shoes? I will admit, though, that the saddle shoes have a very comfy insert.

I like wearing heels the most. Like a lot of girls I think we like the way they make us feel taller, and more confident. I feel very comfortable in heels, and even though I hadn’t dressed very well as a teenager, I was forever in them. But, when you wear heels all the time, people like to comment on how much your feet must hurt, and how you shouldn’t wear them certain places, so sometimes I feel the need to wear flats to sort of avoid those questions. Andrew, too finds himself in a similar situation in the winter. He is never cold, so he doesn’t feel the need to wear jackets, but does so, so people don’t ask him where his jacket is!

So, I started researching shoes, and here are some cute companies that I found.


“Pretty Ballerina” Flats

I really like a feminine touch on a shoe, so the small bows and flower shapes really appeal to me, and they come in a variety of colors. I also like the very tiny almost heel. It helps them to keep their practical look.

There is even a fun Halloween shoe, ones with the symbolic theater masks, and a ladybug themed pair. And as much as I want to order them all, and store them neatly in my closet, the cheapest pair seems to be a heartbreaking $195.00. Something worth saving up for? What are your thoughts?

There are also these flats:


Yellow Mossimo Supply Co Flats

I, of course adore them due to the bow and the bright yellow! These are a much easier to swallow $17.99 a pair. Do you think that people can tell the price difference? Sometimes it can be better to spend on a pair of shoes, so that they can be better on the back, and provide better arch support. But, spending the extra money doesn’t necessarily guarantee you these things.

I truly don’t think that spending more on clothes is what matters, but I can’t help but hear the words of a fellow schoolmate during a class discussion echoing in the back of my mind as I try to enter the workforce: “If a girl came in to a interview with me with Payless shoes on, forget it.”

I think overall, it would behoove us all to try on our shoes and measure the comfort, and sometimes it might be better to just get the cheaper shoe, other times we should treat ourselves to a a really amazing pair when we can, and most of the time, we can probably find some adorable, comfortable middle-ground. The outfit we look the best in will be the one we’re most confident in, and price doesn’t matter. It is all in how you rock it!

Cassandra Ann Kozak

A nothing special girl who adores her husband, the color yellow, vintage everything ,interior design, tea parties, hosting, trying to make stuff, eating sweets, and driving her Jeep.

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